Lot 79 Canada #1431a 42c Multicoloured , 1992 Canada Day, A VFNH Souvenir Sheet of 12 Printed on DF/LF CPP Paper, With Violet Blue Margin at Upper Left

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SKU Lot 79 July 14, 2021

A VFNH souvenir sheet of 12 of the 42c multicoloured stamps from the 1992 Canada Day issue, printed on DF/LF CPP paper with violet blue margin at upper left. Although printed on Coated Papers Paper, which is generally always DF/DF, I have found slight differences in the fluorescence as seen from the gummed side: DF greyish, DF cream and LF. This sheet is on the DF/LF paper. Also, the deep blue colour at of the margin at the upper left of the sheet is noticeably darker and of a different tone to that normally found. This blue contains a violet undertone whereas the normal Prussian blue has a greenish undertone.

Unitrade values this at $25. The sheet offered here is very fine.

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