Lot 7 Canada #3105c-e 2018 Sharks Issue, a Combination Use of Souvenir Sheet Stamps on 2019 Airmail Cover to Nicaragua

SKU lot-7-july-28-2021

A VF airmail cover to Nicaragua, sent on January 16, 2019, franked with singles of the Sharks stamps, from the bottom of the souvenir sheet overpaying the $2.50 foreign airmail rate, which is to be expected when "P" stamps are used to make up the rate. Only 80,000 souvenir sheets were issued, so this is a scarce usage of these stamps to a scarcer foreign destination.

Unitrade does not list post 1947 commercial covers separately, though they do state that single frankings to foreign destinations are worth $10-$15 each. Our estimate of the value of this cover is $15. The cover offered here is very fine.

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