Lot 68 Canada #1283a 39c Multicoloured Acadian Forest, 1990 , 2 VFNH Sheetlets in Petro Canada Envelopes Both With Normal Tagging on DF/DF Peterborough Paper, But Both MF & LF Envelopes

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SKU Lot 68 July 14, 2021

2 VFNH sheetlets in Petro Canada envelopes of the 39c multicoloured Acadian Forest from the 1990 both issue, with normal tagging on DF/DF Peterborough paper, but both mf & lf envelopes. These panes were intended to be used on the enclosed insert cards and mailed to Canada Post, who would then cancel the stamps and return them to the sender with a certificate of participation which the brochure said would be suitable for framing. In the past 30 odd years I don't ever recall seeing an example of one of these. These were sold at Petro Canada locations and Petro Canada donated 5c on every pack sold to the Scouts Canada "Trees for Canada and Environmental Activities Program". The panes included in this lot are identical, but one envelope is low fluorescent under UV, while the other is medium fluorescent.

Unitrade values these at $25. The sheets offered here are very fine.

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