Lot 63 Canada #1853i, 1859-1875 July - September 2000 and October - December 2000 Canada Post Quarterly Packs Containing the Stampin the Future - Regiments Issues, Black and White Logo in Bottom Centre, Bar Code and Recycling Symbol on Back

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SKU Lot 63 July 21, 2021

Canada Post Quarterly Packs from July - September 2000 and October - December 2000, which contain all the stamps from the Stampin The Future to the Regiments issue, plus die cut to shape singles of the Petro Canada and Picture Postage issues, which were not available except either in these packs, or in the annual collections. The packs are of a new design introduced in the late 1990's which lists the contents of the pack and total face value on the back, and then at the bottom of the envelope, which is on a matte finish paper, are the Canada Post Logo in black and white at the bottom centre, UPC barcodes ending in 1724 7 and 1725 4 at the bottom left, and the recycling symbol at bottom right. These details are potentially important because the design of these packs has changed over time, and it is possible that the same pack may exist with different markings on the envelope, as has often been found with other Canada Post products in the past. For example, on this pack the order of the barcode and Canada Post logo are different from the pack offered in lot 61. In these packs the Canada Post Logo is in the centre of the envelope, whereas with lot 61 it was on the left. This is to my knowledge an entirely unstudied aspect to modern Canadian philately. These packs are very easily collected and displayed in clear, single pocket Vario pages, which will enable viewing of the front and back designs on the envelope.

Unitrade lists these packs but does not price them. The value of the stamps and blocks inside is $34.60. The stamps and blocks offered here in these packs are all VF and grade between 75 and 84.

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