Lot 61 Prince Edward Island #5g 2d Deep Rose Perf. 11.75 x 11.1 x 11.1 x 11.75 Die 1 Single Usage on January 22, 1867 Wrapper to Edward Palmer, Prominent Politician and Lawyer

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A VG-F local wrapper sent from St. Eleanor's to the honourable Edward Palmer, a prominent politician, lawyer and judge in Charlottetown, who was influential in the public life of PEI for well over 50 years. The law firm Cox and Palmer, located there is named after him. The stamp is tied by a strike of a 10 bar oval grid cancel, but is missing the upper left corner. January 22, 1867 St. Eleanor's and Prince Edward Island backstamps. A scarce usage of the compound perforation, which only exists because the perf. 11-11.2 machine was used to perforate rows and columns of the sheets that were missed by the main perforator. Very good. Unitrade cat. for fine $350. Net Est. $75.

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