Lot 60 Canada #1229/1250 38c & 50c Multicoloured, 1989 Native Boats - Regiments, 6 Canada Post Sealed Packs Containing VFNH Pairs and Blocks With Type 2b & 5a Style Philatelic Service Card Inserts

SKU Lot 60 July 14, 2021

6 Canada Post sealed packs containing VFNH pairs and blocks of the 38c & 50cmulticloured stamps from the 1989 Native Boats - Regiments issues with type 2b & 5b style Philatelic Service card inserts . These packs are entirely different than anything I have previously seen, prior to just a few months ago, when I purchased the collection they came in. They are similar to the packs for plate blocks, but these ones have different insert cards. They are inscribed "Philatelic Service" with the address in a small, sans-serif font, with the old Canada Post logo and "Canada Post Corporation" written accross a blue and purple ribbon in white. This is closest to the design of the type 2a inserts found for plate block packs, but without any red in the design. One of the cards has the new "Philatelic Service" Logo at the bottom and the entire design is blue on white. It is the mirror image opposite of the blue on white type 5 design found on plate block packs.

Unitrade does not list these packs, but the value of the stamps inside is $17.85. The stamps offered here in these packs are all VF and grade between 75 and 84.

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