Lot 59 Canada #1647-1648, 1708, 1721, 1735 1997 Gilles Villeneuve - 1998 Healthcare Professionals, Combination Usages on 3 Airmail Covers to Switzerland and Norway

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SKU Lot 59 July 21, 2021

Three airmail covers, two to Switzerland and one to Norway, all franked with Commemoratives from 1997 and 1998. The first cover to Switzerland, sent May 25, 1998 is franked with singles of the 1997 Gilles Villeneuve issue and Year of the Tiger issues, correctly paying the 90c airmail rate. The second cover, sent September 17, 1998 is franked with singles of the 1998 Mineral and Energy Industries and the Health Care Professionals Issues (weak phosphor), again paying the 90c airmail rate. The third cover to Norway was sent on March 30, 1998 and is franked with a single 90c Gilles Villeneuve to pay the 90c airmail rate. A nice group of commercial covers that should have been in last week's auction, but I did not find until I was lotting this week.

Unitrade does not list post 1947 commercial covers separately, though they do state that single frankings to foreign destinations are worth $10-$15 each, for basic stamps. Our estimate of the value of these covers is $25. The covers offered here are very fine.

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