Lot 55 Canada #2178, 2227, 2240 2006 Opera - 2007 Christmas, Combination Usage on 2008 Airmail Cover to Denmark

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SKU Lot 55 July 21, 2021

A VF airmail cover to Denmark, sent on January 7, 2008 and franked with singles of the 2006 Opera and 2007, the Law Society of Saskatchewan and Christmas issues, correctly paying the $1.55 airmail rate, which increased to $1.60 only 6 days later. A nice franking. Typical dot matrix spray machine cancels tie the stamps, rather than handstamps, but that it is typical of this period.

Unitrade does not list post 1947 commercial covers separately, though they do state that single frankings to foreign destinations are worth $10-$15 each, for basic stamps. Our estimate of the value of this cover is $15. The cover offered here is very fine.

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