Lot #53 Canada McCann #BK69e, g 1c Purple Brown, 6c Black, And 8c Slate, 1967-1973 Centennial Issue, A Specialized Lot of Three 25c Booklets, Type 1 Free Dispenser Covers, Black Sealing Strip, Different MF-fl Papers, Setting C As Described in Harris

SKU Lot-53-August-11-2021

An interesting group of three complete 25c booklets, each containing a pane of 6 of the 1c purple brown Northern Lights and Dogsled Team, 6c black Trasportation and 8c slate Parliamentary Library stamps from the 1967-1973 Centennial issue, with type 1 "Free Dispenser" covers that have a black sealing strip. Printed on different MF-fl papers, and from plate setting C, as follows:

  • Vertical ribbed MF-fl bluish white paper with sparse concentrations of LF and MF fibres. This pane shows a worn ink roller that manifests in part of the frameline missing at the bottom of 2/2. Coarse covr font.
  • Vertical ribbed MF-fl bluish white paper with very sparse concentrations of LF and MF fibres. Coarse cover font.
  • Vertical ribbed MF-fl bluish white paper with a sparse concentration of LF fibres. Fine cover font.

Although Unitrade, McCann and Harris list MF paper, there are several variations of this paper. All give a bluish to bluish white glow under UV, but the papers contain different concentratons of LF and MF fibres, which make the paper appear brighter, as well as different concentrations of brownish woodpulp fibres, which counterct the fluorescence, making the paper appear duller. Some of the papers are smooth, while others display light vertical ribbing on the printed surface. The different settings are discussed in Harris, as described by Leopold Beaudet and there are three: Setting A has the lower left corner of the 1c stamp at 2/2 located well to the right of the upper left corner of the bottom 8c at 3/2. Setting B is similar, but this time the corner of the 1c is just barely to the right of the 8c, and on setting C the corner of the 1c is to the left of the corner of the 8c.

The 1c booklet stamps printed by BABN were printed in at least two shades:

  • The 1c stamps are found in purple brown and violet brown shades.

The gum used on these booklets is a white PVA with a satin sheen.

    McCann values these booklets at $19.50, counting them as basic varieties. The booklets are all VF, grading between 75 and 80.