Lot 51 Canada #1673/1679, 1900, 1907, 2262-2264 2001 150th Anniversary of Canada Post - 2008 Universities, Combination Usages on 2 Airmail Covers to Norway and Bulgaria

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SKU Lot 51 July 21, 2021

2 VF airmail covers to Norway and Bulgaria franked with combinations of 1998-2000's trade definitives and 2001 and 2008 commemorative issues. The Norway cover, sent on August 20, 2001 is franked with singles of the 2001 150th Anniversary of Canada Post and IAAF issues, plus 10c and 1c trade definitives to pay the 10c increase in the international rate that took effect in 2001. The stamps are tied by both philatelic and machine cancels. The second cover is franked with singles of Peonies issue and UBC and University of Alberta Issues, plus a 4c trade definitive to pay the $1.60 international airmail rate in 2008. A nice pair of covers to destinations that are not seen that commonly, especially the cover to Bulgaria.

Unitrade does not list post 1947 commercial covers separately, though they do state that single frankings to foreign destinations are worth $10-$15 each. Our estimate of the value of these covers is $25. The covers offered here are very fine.

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