Lot 49 Canada #BK20bF 1c Deep Green King George V, 1932-1935 Medallion Issue, A Fine NH Complete French Booklet, Cream Gum With a Satin Sheen, Type 2 Cover With "Recommandez" on Inside Front

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SKU Lot 49 June 23, 2021

A fine NH complete French booklet of the 1c deep green King George V from the 1932-1935 Medallion Issue type 2 cover with "recommandez" on inside front. With cream gum with a satin sheen. Although not listed specifically by Unitrade, the stamps of this issue exist with several different gum types, as well as shade variations of every value in the set. The gum types found vary depending on whether the stamp is a wet rotary press sheet stamp, dry rotary press stamp, or a coil stamp. The wet rotary press and coil stamps usually have either cream, deep cream or yellowish cream, semi-gloss gum. This gum can have either vertical, or in the case of coils, horizontal striations, or it can be without these.

The dry rotary press sheet stamps and booklet stamps can have at least seven types of gum.

(1) Cream with a semi-gloss sheen.
(2) Deep cream with a semi-gloss sheen.
(3) Yellowish cream with a semi-gloss sheen.
(4) Deep yellowish cream with a semi-gloss sheen.
(5) Brownish cream with a semi-gloss sheen.
(6) Mottled brownish cream with a semi-gloss sheen.
(7) Light cream with a satin sheen.

These differences in gum can aid in dating individual printings by comparing the gum to that found on the commemoratives of the period. Based on these comparisons:

1. Mottled brownish cream and brownish cream gums come from December 1932 and very early 1933.
2. Deep cream, cream and yellowish cream gum comes from mid to late 1933.
3. Light cream gum with the satin sheen comes from 1934 and early 1935.

These booklets exist with two different kinds of inside front covers. Type 1 starts with Les Mandats, while type 2 starts with Recommendez. This is the type 2 cover.

Unitrade values this at $600. The complete booklet offered here grades 70 as follows:

Centering of the panes: 40/70

Freshness of the panes: 5/5

Conditoon of interleaving and contents: 5/5

Conditon of cover edges: 5/5

Absence of Visible Cover Flaws or stains: 5/5

Cover freshness: 10/10

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