Lot 45 C9ii, 268 7c Peace Issue Airmail With Re-Entry & 8c Peace Issue, Combination Usage on 1948 Airmail to UK

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SKU Lot 45 July 7, 2021

A VF airmail cover sent from Vancouver BC to Liverpool on December 17, 1948 and franked with a single 7c airmail with the major re-entry showing the doubled frameline at right and a single 8c farm scene, making up the 15c airmail rate to the UK. The re-entry is scarce enough to find off-cover, but on cover it lists for $90 in Unitrade on a basic domestic cover. This cover should be worth a little more with the combination franking, but I'll estimate it at the $90 catalogue value. 

There is a small crease on the front of the envelope under the stamps, but the cover is still VF overall. The stamps are not affected in any way at all, and the crease does not run the full width of the cover, and is only barely visible on the back. 

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