Lot 334 Canada #255, 257, 260 5c, 10c, 20c Deep Blue, Brown & Chocolate King George VI - Corvette 1942-1949 War Issue, Two Fine 30c Airmail Covers to the UK

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SKU Lot 334 June 30, 2021

Two fine airmail covers to the UK, franked with different combinations of #255, 257 and 260 to make up the 30c rate:

  • One is sent on December 31, 1943 from Killarney, Man, and is franked with a pair of #255 and a single #260. 
  • One is sent on October 31, 1946, from Toronto, and is franked with a single #257 and #260. 

Both have some edge wear and the usual aging. Still a fine pair of covers. Net est. $10. 

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