Lot 327 Canada #257-258, E10 10c, 13c Brown, Deep Green & Green King George VI - Canada Arms 1942-1949 War Issue, A Fine Registered First Day Special Delivery Cover to USA

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SKU Lot 327 June 30, 2021

A fine registered special delivery cover, sent on the first day of issue (July 1, 1942) to Cleveland, OH, and franked with singles of the 10c and 13c, and the 10c special delivery stamp. The cover is sound, though somewhat soiled, and there is no cachet. Still, a scarce combination rate, with the appropriate Cleveland receiving backstamps. It is not clear whether this is philatelic or not - it may well be commercial, as there are no notations or markings to indicate that it was to a collector. 

Net. est. $35. 

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