Lot 30 Canada #2376-2397a 2010 African Violets & Canada - Israel Friendship Issue, A VFNH Souvenir Sheet, Booklet Pair and a Booklet Pane of 3 on LF Paper

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A VFNH souvenir sheet of the 2010 African Violets issue, plus a booklet pair, and a booklet pane of 3 of the Canada - Israel Friendship issue, printed on LF TRC paper. 2010 marks the beginning of a period in which LF papers reappear on the commemorative issues, having been largely absent in the early 2000's. Only 225,000 souvenir sheets were issued.

Unitrade values these at $18.30. No distinction is made in Unitrade as to paper fluorescence on any of these issues. The souvenir sheet, booklet pair and booket pane offered here are very fine.

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