Lot 30 Canada #2083-2085 2005 Year of the Rooster & NHL Legends, A Group of Five Canada Post Official First Day Covers

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SKU Lot 30 July 21, 2021

Five official Canada Post first day covers for the 2005 Year of the Rooster and NHL Legends issues, as follows:

  • All the NHL Legends stamps have weak tagging.
  • All are on HF envelopes.

Unitrade does not make any mention of the fluorescence level of the envelopes used to produce them. The envelopes are an integral component of the FDC's produced and a study of the covers produced does show that there are often quite dramatic differences in the fluorescent qualities of the envelopes used. So, we mention them here for the sale of being thorough.

The covers are all clean and VF. Unitrade cat, $19.90, taking these as the price of mint plate blocks, given that (a) Unitrade does not price FDC's with plate blocks and (b) FDC prices tend to be slightly higher than the price for a mint single. Technically an unaddressed FDC is still a mint item and is valid for postage, and can be used, so this approach to valuation is reasonable.

Please note that we will be charging actual postage costs on all first day cover lots.

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