Lot 29 Canada #C5 6c Bright Red Brown Daedalus, 1935-1937 Dated Die Issue, Two VF First Flight Covers From Buffalo Narrows and La Loche to Ile A La Crosse, Franked With Singles

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SKU Lot 29 June 23, 2021

Two VF first flight covers from Buffalo Narrows and La Loche to Ile a La crosse, franked with the 6c bright red brown Daedalus from the 1935-1937 Dated Die Issue. These are matching covers, to RR Cooke, in Vancouver, BC and are mailed using airmail envelopes with the blue and red lines across the envelope. Both were sent on November 19, 1936, with the first cover being from Buffalo Narrows, Sask, to Ile A La Crosse, Sask and then on to Vancouver, and the second one from La Loche, Sask to Ile A La Crosse, Sask, and then on to Vancouver. Both covers have a transit backstamp for Ile A La Crosse, dated the same day.

Net Est. $10.

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