Lot 286 Canada #1872 46c (Non-Denominated) Multicoloured 2000 Christmas Picture Postage, Four Different VF Used Singles With Different Personalized Stickers

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SKU Lot 286 July 21, 2021

Four VF used examples of the Christmas 2000 Picture Postage issue, each with a different personalized sticker in the centre. There are an enormous number that could exist, though with the issue quantities at this time being much lower than in the 1980's and 90's and due to the fact that most greeting cards are thrown away by recipients, means that in practice, the number of different stickers that can be collected is probably quite manageable.

Unitrade values these at $8, with Unitrade noting that examples with personalized stickers are worth $2 each. The stamps offered here are very fine.

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