Lot 25 Prince Edward Island #5g 2d Rose Perf. 11.75 x 11 Die 1 Single Usage on April 6, 1869 Cover to Ronald McDonald, Merchant in Souris PEI

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A fine local cover sent from an indeterminate location on the island to Ronald McDonald in Souris PEI. McDonald was a merchant and one amusing aspect of this cover is that the main export of PEI is potatoes and this recipient has the same name as the largest buyer of potatoes from PEI - Mcdonald's. The stamp is cancelled by a barred oval grid and a manuscript check mark, which someone has stupidly tried to lighten with an eraser, which has effected the colour. Still a rare perforation and even moreso on a cover. Prince Edward Island circular backstamp. Unitrade cat. for fine $350.

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