Lot 245 Greece - Lemnos SC#N47/N52 1912 Occupation Issue With Carmine Overprints, A F/VF Used & OG Range Of Singles, 2022 Scott Classic Cat.$39 USD, Click on Listing to See ALL Pictures

SKU Lot-245-July-6-2022

A F/VF used & OG range of singles from the 1912 Occupation Issue with Carmine Overprints. With additional shades. The Scott numbers range from N47 to N52, and include N47-N49, N51c, N52. 2022 Scott Classic Cat.$39. Scott notes that most of the occupation issues exist with forged overprints. We have done our best to compare these stamps to less expensive stamps which are most likely to have genuine overprints and in addition these all came from a collection put together by a serous collector. So, the likelihood is high that these are all genuine. However, we are not experts in this area, and there is a slight chance that some may be forgeries.