Lot 24 Canada #C5 6c Bright Red Brown Daedalus, 1935-1937 Dated Die Issue, Two VF First Flight Covers From North Bay and Winnipeg To Montreal, Franked Singles

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SKU Lot 24 June 23, 2021

Two VF first flight covers from North Bay and Winnipeg to Montreal, franked with the 6c bright red brown Daedalus from the 1935-1937 Dated Die Issue. The first cover is sent from North Bay to Montreal on March 1, 1939, while the second is sent from Winnipeg to Montreal on March 2, 1939. Both bear handstamped Cachets for the Trans Canada Airmail flights from North Bay to Montreal and Winnipeg to Montreal. The first cover has a Montreal arrival backstamp, and the second cover has no backstamps.

Net Est. $10.

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