Lot 24 France SC#48/48d 1870-1871 Imperforate Bordeaux Issue, A Ungraded Used Range Of Singles, Net Estimated Value $50 USD, Net Estimated Value $50, Click on Listing to See ALL Pictures

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SKU Lot-24-July-20-2022

A Ungraded Used range of singles from the 1870-1871 Imperforate Bordeaux Issue. All of these are faulty to a great degree, and are sold for reference only.

Early classic French issues are valued in Scott Classic at the grade of very fine, which is a stamp with 4 clear margins and no faults. The paper on these issues is very prone to thinning, and shallow thins reduce the grade by one grade. Stamps with close margins are fine, provided there are no other faults. Stamps where the margins cut into the design on one side are VG at best, while on 2 sides are at best good. Fair stamps generally will have faults on top of having margins that cut into the design. Ungraded lots will generally be of lower quality than VG, often being good and fair. In terms of valuation, we estimate fine at 50% of cat., and VG and 25%. Good is estimated at 12%, while fair and ungraded is figured at 5% of catalogue.

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