Lot 232 Canada #2091, 2106b, 2016, 2114a, 2123b, 2123a 2004 Year of the Monkey - 2005 Big Cats Issue, VF Postally Used Souvenir Sheets

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SKU Lot 232 July 21, 2021

VF postally used souvenir sheets from the 2004 Year of the Monkey, 2005 Daffodils, 2005 Big Cats, 2005 FINA Champtionships and 2005 Biosphere Reserves Issue. Also includes a lower right corner block of the Big Cats issue. The dates of most cancellations are difficult to read, but generally they all seem to be from between 2004 and 2006, and so they seem to be contemporary. There are a couple of small selvedge creases on the FINA sheet and the Big Cats corner block, but nothing too serious. The Year of the Monkey sheet still has the UPC barcode tab attached.

Unitrade values these at $22.

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