Lot 232 Canada #1735-1742, 1750-1754 45c-90c Multicoloured Stamps 1998 Healthcare Professionals - Art Canada Issue, VFNH Singles, and Se-Tenant Blocks Including Paper and Listed Phosphor Varieties

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SKU Lot 232 July 14, 2021

VFNH singles, and se-tenant blocks of the 45c-90c multicoloured Stamps from the 1998 Healthcare Professionals - Art Canada Issue including paper and listed phosphor varieties. The William Roue issue is printed on both MF and HF paper, and an example of each is included here. The Heathcare Workers issue includes both the weak and bright phosphor types, while the RCMP includes two examples of each single, each with a different type of tab attached.

Unitrade values these at $19.5. The stamps and blocks offered here are all VF and grade between 75 and 84.

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