Lot 231 Canada #2068, 2087, 2088i 2004 Jean Paul Lemiuex and 2005 Fishing Flies Issue, VF Postally Used Souvenir Sheets and Booklet Pane

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SKU Lot 231 July 21, 2021

VF used examples of the souvenir sheets from the 2004 Jean Paul Lemieux and 2005 Fishing Flies issues, plus the booklet pane from the Fishing Flies issue. The dates are not clear, except on the Lemieux sheet, where iit is a clear 2004 date. There is a very small amount of suface scuffing at the extreme left side of the Fishing Flies sheet, but overall this is fairly nice for a postally used sheet, as most postally used souvenir sheets will have some degree of scuffing unless they were enclosed in plastic as they went through the post, especially with a sheet this size.

Unitrade values these at $15. The souvenir sheets offered here are very fine.

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