Lot 208 Canada #2063i, 2064i, 2066a, 2067-2068 2004 Picture Postage - Jean Paul Lemieux Issue, VFNH Die Cut to Shape Singles, Se-Tenant Pairs, Singles and Souvenir Sheet, Including Paper Variety

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SKU Lot 208 July 21, 2021

VFNH examples of all the 2004 commemorative issues between the Picture Postage issue (October) and the Art Canada Jean Paul Lemieux Issue (October). Includes the die cut to shape singles of the Picture Postage Issue, which was only available in either the Quarterly Pack of the Annual Collection, as well as two different pairs of the Victoria Cross Issue. One of these has strong tagging, and is printed on NF/NF paper, while the other has weak mottled tagging, and is printed on NF/DF paper. Only 300,000 souvenir sheets were issued, and my expectation would be that these will become scarce over time.

Unitrade values these at $18. The stamps, pairs and souvenir sheet offered here are all VF and grade between 75 and 84.

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