Lot 206 Nigeria - Biafra SG#4-6 1/2d - 1.5d, 1967 Harrison and Delrieu Overprinted Wildlife Definitive Issue, VFNH Examples of the 1/2d, 1d and 1.5d

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VFNH examples of the 1/2d, 1d and 1.5d from the 1965-1966 Harrison and Delrieu Pictorial Definitive Issue, with the Biafra overprint. The definitive issues printed by Harrison and Sons between 1960 and about 1966 show a wide variety of different fluorescent papers under UV light, as well as slight differences in the appearance of the dextrine gum used on the paper. The early printings, mostly made before 1963 are on chalky paper that is DF or NF on the front and either DF, NF, DF-fl or LF-fl on the back. Printings made between 1962 and 1966 are on chalky papers that give a much brighter fluorescent reaction on the front, and varies on the back from NF, DF, DF-fl, LF-fl and MF-fl. The gum used varies from a smooth white dextrine gum with vertical streaks, or a crackly gum. On this set, the 1d, 2d, 3d, some printings of the 4d and the 9d are printed by Harrison. The other values are all printed by Delrieu and exhibit a wide variety of fluorescent reactions under UV light, with many papers containing clear woodpulp flecks and thick, yellowish shiny dextrine gum. The 1/2d is on LF/LF-fl paper, the 1.5d is on LF/LF paper and 1d is on MF/MF-fl paper. The 1/2d has light overall gum disturbance from the interleaving sheet that was placed between the sheets when these were shipped to Nigeria. It is fairly normal for this issue.

Gibbons values these stamps at 17.75 GBP = approximately $30. The stamps offered here grade between 75 and 80.

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