Lot 204 Canada #1954-1959, 1961-1968 2002 Sculptors - Quebec Symphony Orchestra Issue, VFNH Singles, Se-Tenant Pairs, Gutter Pair and Booklet Pane, Plus Die Cut to Shape Singles

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SKU Lot 204 July 21, 2021

VFNH examples of all the 2002 commemorative issues between the Sculptors issue (June) and the Quebec Symphony Orchestra Issue (November), except for the Mountains issue. Includes a single or se-tenant pair of each stamp, plus the booklet pane and die cut to shape single of the World Youth Day issue, a gutter pair of the Postmasters Association issue and both NF/NF and NF/DF versions of the Sculptors issue.

Unitrade values these at $28.05. The stamps, pairs and booklet pane offered here are all VF and grade between 75 and 84.

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