Lot 202 Canada #1526a-aii 43c Multicoloured Billy Bishop & Mary Travers 1994 Great Canadians Issue, VFNH Se-Tenant Pairs Printed on Fluorescent, DF-fl, MF and Unlisted HF Papers

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SKU Lot 202 July 14, 2021

VFNH se-tenant pairs of the 43c multicoloured Billy Bishop & Mary Travers from the 1994 Great Canadians Issue printed on fluorescent, DF-fl, MF and unlisted HF papers. Unitrade lists three papers for this issue: F back, MF back and DF back. I have found at least four, and this lot has them all. The DF is actually DF-fl and the fourth variety is an unlisted HF paper.

Unitrade values these at $17. The stamps offered here are very fine.

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