Lot 195 Canada #1768-1768i 95c Multicoloured 1999 Year of the Rabbit VFNH Examples of the Overprinted Souvenir Sheet, Souvenir Sheets on NF and DF Papers and 1 Souvenir Sheet Cut From a Press Sheet

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SKU Lot 195 July 21, 2021

A VFNH group of four different souvenir sheets of the 1999 Year of the Rabbit Issue. Two are the normal, unoverprinted sheet, with one being on the normal NF/NF paper and the other on NF/DF paper. The third sheet is the overprinted sheet with the China '99 Logo and the fourth sheet is cut from an uncut press sheet. Only 425,000 of the overprinted sheets were issued.

Unitrade values these at $17. The sheets offered here are all VF.

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