Lot 192 New Zealand SG#914/934 1c - $2, 1970-1976 Harrison and Courvoisier Decimal Currency Pictorial Definitive Issue, a Mostly VFNH Nearly Complete Set on Different Papers With PVA and Dex Gums

SKU lot-192-july-28-2021

A Mostly VFNH set of the 1970-1976 Harrison and Courvoisier Pictorial Decimal Currency Definitive Issue. The definitive issues printed by Harrison and Sons between 1967 and 1974 show a wide variety of different fluorescent papers under UV light, as well as differences in the gum used, with both dextrine and PVA gums. The early printings, mostly made before 1969 are on chalky paper that is DF, LF or HF on the front and either HF, MF and LF-fl on the back. Printings made after 1969 on chalky or glazed ordinary papers that are either HB or HF on both the front and back. The stamps in this lot are on DF/DF, NF/LF-fl, NF/MF-fl, HF/MF, HF/LF-fl, HF/HF, HF/MF-fl. The only missing stamp from the set is the 15c.

Gibbons values these stamps at 9.25 GBP = approximately $15.70. The stamps offered here grade between 70 and 84, with most grading at least 75.

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