Lot 188 Canada #1811a-d 46c Multicoloured 1999 Kites Issue, 3 VFNH Booklet Panes Printed on Unlisted Dull Fluorescent, Low Fluorescent and Medium Fluorescent Papers

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SKU Lot 188 July 21, 2021

3 VFNH booklet panes of the 46c multicoloured stamps from the 1999 Kites issue, printed on 3 different JAC papers, being dull fluorescent, low fluorescent and medium fluorescent. Unitrade does not currently list any paper variations on ths issue, though they clearly exist. 1 million booklets for all paper types were issued, so some of these types may be quite scarce. The DF and LF papers are from field stock booklets, while the MF paper comes from a philatelic booklet with open cover.

Unitrade values these at $15 for the basic panes. The booklet panes offered here are all VF.

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