Lot 185 New Zealand SG#723-734 1/2d Slate - 3/- Bluish Green, 1953-1957 De La Rue Portrait Issue, a Mostly VFNH Short Set to the 3/-

SKU lot-185-july-28-2021

A mostly VFNH short set to the 3/- of the 1953-1957 De La Rue Portraits issue. The stamps are on DF paper. The 1/- appears to have stronger shoulder shading than a standard die 1, but I am not convinced that it is a die 2.

Gibbons values these stamps at 37.85 GBP = approximately $64.35, assuming the 1/- is die 1. If it is a die 2, then this would add another 170 GBP to the value. The stamps offered here grade between 70 and 80, with most stamps grading at least 75.

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