Lot 168 Canada #1856i 95c Multicoloured 100th Birthday of the Queen Mother Issue, a Complete Pane of 9, on Fluorescent Paper, With Decorative Border and Protective Folder

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SKU Lot 168 July 21, 2021

A VFNH pane of 9 of the 95c multicoloured stamp from the 2000 100th Birthday of the Queen Mother issue, printed on the scarcer fluorescent paper, with full descriptive border and the protective folder that it was originally issued with. 430,000 panes were issued and that includes both the dull fluorescent and fluorescent papers. It would appear that the majority were on the dull fluorescent paper. Thus Unitrade's listed value for this makes sense when viewed in that light.

Unitrade values this sheet at $80. The sheet offered here is very fine.

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