Lot 157 Canada #2465b, 2472-2476 2011 Royal Wedding & Art Deco Issue, Combination Usage on 2012 Oversize, Overweight Airmail Cover to Peru

SKU lot-157-july-28-2021

A VF oversize airmail cover to Peru, which is very likely overweight, and franked with $5.20 in postage, which would have likely covered the overweight foreign airmail rate at the time (it is almost $6 now). The postage has been paid with a Royal Wedding souvenir sheet, and a complete set of self-adhesive booklet stamps from the Art Deco issue. A lovely commercial usage, although possibly philatelic of this souvenir sheet and booklet stamps. South America is not a common destination for Canadian mail, so this is a particularly attractive cover. The cover is appropriately backstamped, so there is clear evidence that it was delivered.

Unitrade does not list post 1947 commercial covers separately, though they do state that single frankings to foreign destinations are worth $10-$15 each. Our estimate of the value of this cover is $15. The cover offered here is very fine.

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