Lot 155 Canada #1952-1953 65c-$1.25 Multicoloured 2002 Tourist Attractions Issue, 2 VFNH Complete Booklets of 5 on DF Paper

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SKU Lot 155 July 21, 2021

2 VFNH complete booklets of the 65c and $1.25 multicoloured stamps from the 2002 Tourist Attractions issue. 1.25 million of each booklet were issued and many have been either broken up or used for postage in the last 19 years. They are printed on DF coated paper, though I have seen other examples where there is some fluorescence that shows through the paper coating. Incidentally this quantity is exactly one third the number of booklets that were issued for the 2001 issue.

Unitrade values these at $22.50. The booklets offered here are very fine.

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