Lot 149 Canada #1989-1990 65c-$1.25 Multicoloured 2003 Tourist Attractions Issue, Two VF Used Panes

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SKU Lot 149 July 21, 2021

VF used complete booklets of the 2003 Tourist Attractions issue cancelled with 2006 Saskatchewan oval cancellations. Although intact, these booklets were likely used by a stamp dealer to pay postage on a large parcel. A common practice by dealers is not to affix the stamps directly to the parcel, but to instead have the postal clerk cancel the mint stamps and enclose them in a plastic pouch on the outside of the parcel to protect the stamps from scuffing.

Unitrade values these at $12.50, based on the price of used singles. The cancels are a little late (3 years), but the full panes used should be worth almost as much as the mint panes, which catalogue $26.50.

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