Lot 145 Niger Coast SC#39 (SG#47d) Two Pence Green, Deep Green 1893 Obliterated Oil Rivers Issue, Perf 13.5 - 14., A Fine - Very Fine Used Example, Click on Listing to See ALL Pictures, Estimated Value $30 USD

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SKU Lot-145-July-27-2022

2 fine - very fine used examples of the Two Pence Green, Deep Green from the 1893 Obliterated Oil Rivers Issue. Green on horizontal wove paper, Bonny River squared circle cancel August 16, 1894 timecode C. Deep green on vertical wove paper, Opobo River squared circle cancel May 25, 1894 timecode A, small tone spots but still fine. 2022 Scott Classic cat. $40. Our estimate of the value based on the condition is $30.

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