Lot 142 Canada #2003, 2003ii $1.25 Multicoloured 2003 Jean Paul Riopelle Issue, 2 VFNH Souvenir Sheets, Including The Sheet With Two Extra Perforation Holes in Wings

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SKU Lot 142 July 21, 2021

2 VFNH souvenir sheets of the $1.25 multicoloured Jean Paul Riopelle Issue, including the normal sheet, and the version containing 2 extra perforation holes in the wings. Only 400,000 sheets in total were issued, and this includes three varieties of perforation holes in the wings, two of which are included here. The third variety contains only 1 extra hole on the right side of the sheet. It is not clear how many of each were issued, but it is thought to be evenly distributed between the three varieties, so approximately 133,333 of each. That is not a very large number, and with time all will become scarce.

Unitrade values these at $8, which is low, given the issue quantity. The sheets offered here are very fine.

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