Lot 13 Canada #197c 3c Scarlet King George V, 1932-1935 Medallion Issue, Two VF 3c Covers to the USA, Showing Chinese Calligraphy and Farmers Advocate Advertisements

SKU Lot 13 June 23, 2021

Two VF 3c covers to the USA, showing Chinese calligraphy and Farmers Advocate advertisements of the 3c scarlet King George V from the 1932-1935 Medallion Issue. The first cover, sent from Toronto to Greensboro, NC, USA, is from the Farmer's Advocate magazine and is on their blue corner card stationery. The second cover is from Montreal to Chicago and is addressed in both English and Chinese characters. Bilingual addresses are not common on covers of any period, and these characters give the cover additional eye appeal. Both stamps are die 2.

Net Est. $15.

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