Lot 13 Canada #150, 163 1c & 2c Green King George V, 1928-1935 Arch & Scroll Issue, 3 Radio Broadcast Postcards

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Three radio broadcast postcards, all sent to addresses in Ohio. One is addressed from Canora, SK to F.A. Retting. The other is addressed to the same person at Radio W8BEX, from Vancouver. The other is addressed to a Harold Wilson at W8ALC, and is from Toronto. 

These cards were sent by people who broadcast a signal to a major radio station to let them know of the broadcast and it was customary for the recipient to reply that they had received the message. We take it for granted today that our communications get through as we have instant feedback and know right away if something is wrong, but in those days a written confirmation that the broadcast was received was the only way a person would know if their message was received. 

Two are toned from age, as these cards often are. Two cards are franked with 2c scroll issues, paying the postcard rate, and the 1931 card is franked with a 1c stamp, paying the printed matter, rather than the postcard rate. This is much scarcer than a standard postcard, as it should have been rated at 2c. 

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