Lot 12 Prince Edward Island #1a 2d Deep Rose on Yellowish Paper, Perf. 9 Die 1 Single Usage on May 22, 1861 Cover to James Bearsto, Malpeque, PEI

SKU Lot-11-July-6-2022

A fine local cover sent from an indeterminate location within the island to James Bearsto in Malpeque. I couldn't find out much about this family except that they have remained in Malpeque. Prince Edward Island May 22, 1861 circular backstamp. The stamp has some short perfs, as is normal for these, but is otherwise sound. It is not fully tied to the cover, but it is enough of a scarce stamp that it is not likely to have been added to this cover, as the more common perf. 11.75 stamps had not been issued until 1862. Fine. Unitrade cat. for fine $650.

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