Lot 116 Canada #2704-2707 2014 Winter Sports Pioneers A VFNH Souvenir Sheet and Booklet Panes of 4 on LF TRC Paper

SKU lot-116-july-28-2021

VFNH booklet panes of 4 of the 2014 Winter Sports Pioneer issue, printed on LF TRC paper, plus a souvenir sheet printed on NF TRC paper. These panes come from the top half of the booklets, and have the printer's inscription at the bottom right. It is unclear the extent, if any, to which the fluorescence of the TRC paper used to print the booklet pane varies. Only 200,000 of each booklet and 200,000 souvenir sheets were issued.

Unitrade values these at $18.75. The souvenir sheet and booklet panes offered here are very fine.

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