Lot 105 Canada #1630a, 1630aii, 1630aiii 45c Multicoloured 1997 Year of the Ox, 2 VFNH Souvenir Sheets of 2 Printed on DF-fl, Fluorescent and MF Paper

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SKU Lot 105 July 14, 2021

2 VFNH souvenir sheets of 2 of the 45c multicoloured from the 1997 Year of the Ox issue, printed on DF-fl, fluorescent and MF paper. The paper fluorescence on these sheets is not adequately described in Unitrade. The paper listed as DF is actually either DF-fl or LF. When placed next to the higher fluorescent papers, it looks DF, but when viewed on its own, it looks LF. The listed LF and MF papers in my opinion are actually F and MF. This lot includes 1 example of each type.

Unitrade values these at $26.5. The sheets offered here are very fine.

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