Lot 10 Canada #163, 166, 196-197 1c-3c Deep Green, Black Brown & Scarlet King George V, 1930-1935 Medallion & Arch Issues, A Fine 13c Registered Airmail Mixed Franking Cover to the UK

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SKU Lot 10 June 23, 2021

A fine 13c registered airmail mixed franking cover to the UK of the 1c-3c deep green, black brown & scarlet King George V from the 1930-1935 Medallion & Arch Issues. Sent from Calgary, Alberta on May 12, 1934. Franked with a single 1c deep green die 2, and a pair of 2c black brown die 1 from the Arch issue, and then 1 2c black brown, and two singles of the 3c scarlet die 2 from the Medallion issue, to make up the 13c registered surface rate to the UK. A bit worn along the top, which affects the top perforations on 4 stamps, but still a fine cover. Calgary and Montreal British Mail Branch backstamps.

Net Est. $10.

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