Lot 1 Canada #1818-1834dvar 1999 The Millenium Collection - A Complete Hardbound Book Containing 34 Souvenir Sheets of 2 Stamps Each, Similar to the Issued Stamps

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SKU Lot 1 July 21, 2021

A complete, hardbound book, which contains all of the issued stamps for the Millennium series. However, instead of being souvenir sheets of four, the stamps are issued two to a page, with a facing page containing information about the subject matter on the stamps. In addition to this, the book contains five two page layouts of black and white pictures depicting various aspects to life in Canada at the close of the millennium.

Many stamp dealers have destroyed these books by cutting the stamps out of the pages to make gutter pairs. This is the only way to obtain such pairs, as no such item was issued any other way, and in fact, the stamps on the pages do differ from the issued souvenir sheet stamps, by the hidden date in the upper left corner, which is slightly larger than the date on the issued stamps. However, with only 200,000 books produced I believe that intact, sound copies of this book will become scarce in the years to come. The quality of the pages and the binding is exquisite. It is a lovely book, and should be in every Canadian modern collection.

The version offered here is still sealed in the original shrink-wrap. The pictures used here are taken from another book I have which is open. Unitrade values the book at $120.

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