Niger Coast Protectorate SG#50 1/- Black Queen Victoria, 1893 Obliterated "Oil Rivers" Issue, A Very Fine Used Example of the 1st Printing, Perf. 15, With Re-Entry at Top, May 22, 1895 Old Calabar CDS

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A very fine used example of the 1/- black Queen Victoria Widow's Weeds stamp from the 1893 Obliterated Oil Rivers Issue, perf. 15.  Printed on vertical wove paper with visible mesh. There are signs of re-entry at the upper right where the top right circular ornament and the top left circular ornaments are both doubled. Cancelled with a clear May 22, 1895 Old Calabar CDS cancel with timecode C. 

The appeal of this issue is the number of perforation and shade varieties, as well as the fact that there were three printings made between June 1893 and March 1894. A number of nice re-entries are to be found on these stamps as well. I have written a series of blog posts outlining the points of interest to be found on these issues. You can access the relevant ones here and here. No fewer than six perforating machines were used to perforate the stamps, so a very large number of perforation combinations can be found, and some of them are very scarce. 

The quantities printed and sent were also relatively modest, at 37,000 of the 1/2d, 39,400 of the 1d, 16,000 of the 2d, 46,000 of the 2.5d, 25,000 of the 5d and 16,000 of the 1/-. 

Gibbons values a mint example of this perf. at 15 pounds = $30.   

The stamp offered here grades VF-75 as follows:

Margins/centering: 35/60

Paper freshness: 5/5

Colour: 5/5 

Impression: 5/5 

Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5 

Perforations: 10/10 


Cancellation: 10/10




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