Great Britain #586, 596a, 597a 1/6d Grey Blue Wilding & 5/- & 10/- Bradbury Wilkinson Castles, Combination Use on a Telegram to Bombay, India

Sold out

A fine Radiotelegram sent to Bombay India on January 21, 1965. Franked with 1/6d Grey Blue Wilding and 5/- brownish red and 10/- deep ultramarine Castles, paying the transmission rate of 16/6d for 1 chargeable word. The message "Christopher has no intimation (indicaton)". Is very cryptic and suggests this was part of an ongoing conversation. 

A fascinating piece of history that shows just how far communications have come in less than 60 years. A read of the conditions on the back reveals that senders had to wait 5 hours in some cases before their message was transmitted. This is the days before international long-distance calling was standard and at the time is was very expensive, as the Commonwealth Pacific-Atlantic telephone cable had been installed only a few years earlier. There is a vertical file fold unfortunately that affects the 10/- castle stamp, but the condition overall is still fine.

Our estimate of the value of this item based on the above factors is $10. To understand how we have assessed the cover and arrived at this estimate and to gain a broader understanding of postal history collecting, I would suggest you read the article linked here. It should clarify the factors that make covers, and this one in particular scarce, and will help you to understand why we have estimated it at this amount.