Great Britain 1959-1966 - A Group of 3 Fine to Very Fine Covers to Yugoslavia

Sold out

Three fine to very fine covers to Yugoslavia, all franked with a mixture of Wildings, and commemorative issues as follows:

  • August 8, 1966, 4d birds block used on day of issue, overpaying the 9d surface rate.
  • February 10, 1959, 6d surface rate paid by 2 x 1.5d and 3 Wildings.
  • July, unclear year, but probably July 1, 1964, franked with a complete 1964 Geographical Congress set, making it a first day cover. 

Our estimate of the value of these covers based on the above factors is $15.  To understand how we have assessed these covers and arrived at this estimate and to gain a broader understanding of postal history collecting, I would suggest you read the article linked here. It should clarify the factors that make covers, and this one in particular scarce, and will help you to understand why we have estimated it at this amount.