Great Britain 1961-1964 Group of 4 Wilding Philatelic Convention Covers to Australia and New Zealand

Sold out

Four very fine airmail and paquebot covers to Australia and New Zealand, sent from various philatelic conventions, and with decorative cancels as follows:

  • October 31, 1964 to NZ sent from Norwood Philatelic Society, franked with 2 x 6d Wilding and 6d Forth Road Bridge, paying the 1/6d airmail rate.
  • August 3, 1962 paquebot sent to Australia from SS. Oriana (a P&O ship), franked with 1/2d orange and 2.5d stamps paying the local UK rate, as was custom with paquebot mail.
  • June 1961, sent from Philatelic Congress of Great Britain, Blackpool to NZ, franked with 4 x 4.5d chestnut Wildings, paying the 1/6d airmail rate.
  • October 1961, sent from Woking Surrey Philatelic Exhibition to NZ, franked with 4x 2.5d type 2 Wildings and 8d Wilding, paying 1/6d airmail rate. 

Our estimate of the value of these covers based on the above factors is $20.  To understand how we have assessed these covers and arrived at this estimate and to gain a broader understanding of postal history collecting, I would suggest you read the article linked here. It should clarify the factors that make covers, and this one in particular scarce, and will help you to understand why we have estimated it at this amount.